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Behind the Words

     I am a Puerto-Rican, Cuban, Honduran (etc.) writer, illustrator, history nerd and cinephile. I graduated with a BA in Creative Writing and a Film Studies minor from Florida State University, where I was a staff writer for FSView & Florida Flambeau, Florida State's premier newspaper. Writing stories and poetry have been second nature since grade school and I've been doodling since I could pick up a crayon.

    My literary debut was The Lionfish Flower, a horror short story that is part of the anthology Stories From The Forest: 10 Stories of Nature, Love, Loss, and Life. My latest work is The Eve of Our Generation, a poetry book that follows the mellow and the drama of the protagonist Jasmine, along with poems revolving around teen and twenty-something angst, tequeños, familial love, grappling with one's existential dread as we face the latest global threat of climate change while aimlessly hurdling into the inevitable heat death of the universe, and many more light-hearted topics! My five year plan and my vision board tell me that I'm also going to be a screenwriter for TV and film.

If you want to reach me, beep me on social media or send me an email.

Thank you, and happy holidays!

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